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Unfortunately, I don't have access to drawing tools to make the diagram you request.

If the cylinder end gap is truly too large (over 0.015"), that suggests that the cylinder arbor pin (the large round pin the cylinder fits on and rotates about) is bottoming out in it's cavity inside the barrel assembly block.

You really need to measure the cylinder end gap to be sure it's too large. And do it with the hammer down; measurement of end gap with the hammer at half cock is meaningless as there is no constraint on the cylinder motion.

To check the arbor pin length, remove the barrel assembly and the cylinder, then reinstall the barrel assembly upside down; that is, with the lug that fits over the two small pins up instead of down. Push it on as far as it will go, making sure the wedge doesn't interfere in the slot (you can actually remove the wedge from the barrel assembly for this test). Then rotate the barrel assembly around the arbor pin until the lug which fits over the two small pins is touching the pins. The back face of the lug should just match up with the front face of the frame where the two small pins are located. If it's too far back (towards the recoil shield) the arbor pin is too short (or the arbor pin hole is too deep). If doesn't reach the frame face the arbor pin is too long. Either add material using something like JB Weld, silver solder or weldment, or file to remove material.
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