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I've had several Henry rifles, so can add my $0.02 worth.

The blued .22 leverguns are inexpensive, reliable, lightweight, accurate, and a lot of fun - the Brasslite receivered Golden Boys ditto, but a bit heavier & no receiver scope grooves. A cantilever barrel-mount scope mount is available from Henry.
The GB stocks have a lot more drop than the others.

The centerfire Henry Brasslite/Golden Boys are smooth & accurate, but aren't referred to as Fat Boys for nothing - they're HEAVY.

I can't speak to the blued, Marlin-like centerfire rifles, as I've never had one.

The RF pumpguns are OK, but the one in .22 Mag have been discontinued due to warranty problems (too many issues).

The .22 boltguns are great for kids.

The Company, and it's President (Anthony Imperato) are heads/shoulders above anyone else in customer service, and the Prexy is available daily online at

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