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I've been hunting hogs for many years and I have yet to see a hog that would not go down with a good hit from 223/5.56. On the other hand, I have never seen a hog go down with a bad hit from a 375 H&H. You just gotta hit the right spot. I have put down plenty of hogs using handguns in 45ACP and 357 Mag. caliber.

If you have never hunted hogs before I suggest you do some homework and study the hog anatomy as it is different from deers. A lot of people say hogs are tough to put down but IMHO it is no more difficult than a deer of similar size. I believe hog's reputation came from people shooting them in the wrong parts of the body. Hogs heart and lungs sit much lower and forward than on a deer. That perfect deer shot behind the front leg when taken on a hog is too high and too far back. With hogs you want to shoot lower and further forward in the chest. I personally shoot them in the neck as it is large target and very effective in dropping them quickly... it also minimize meat loss.

To answer your question, yes you can drop good size hogs with rifles in 45LC or 223 if you hit them in the right spot.
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