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I'm also wondering if since you started carrying if you felt like a hammer always on the lookout for a nail...
You need a non-lethal defense plan too. Either you can fight, or you carry pepper spray. A strong flashlight at night is also very effective both at temp blinding somebody and as a kubaton if it's the right size and type. Mine is.

First time I ever put my hand on a gun out of nervousness was a couple of weeks ago. Five coyotes were trotting towards me on a suburban Tucson street. Yeah, real coyotes, not stray dogs, and moving at a fast trot (probably just their traveling speed). They went around me, went on my way. Interesting . The bigger Javalinas around here are more dangerous but a .357Mag could put either down.

In California I reached for knives against the dreaded "two legged rattlesnakes" twice, once in my own defense, once when pulling some guy out of a four-on-one stompdown, victim already down hard. That was pretty wild...opposition had a couple of hammers and just before I showed up had knocked the victim down with one. I pushed them off, the victim shot to his feet and then passed out in the next subway car behind me. I plugged the hole leading to him, they backed down. The other, I chased a mugger armed with a wrench off (me at the intended victim). I also chased two dogs off of somebody else, with a drawn knife on my part. So...three knife incidents, two in defense of somebody else. Interesting pattern I guess.
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