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Originally Posted by gunplumber
The ammo has to be sub-sonic one way or the other. It is either loaded down or the gas ports in the suppressor slow the bullet down.
Originally Posted by rickyrick
The ammo has to be sub sonic.

You guys have never fired a silenced firearm, have you? Saying subsonic ammo has to be used in a silencer is like saying the only way a car's muffler works is if the engine is at a low idle.
Gunplumber, there are no gas ports in a silencer to slow bullets down. Some integrally suppressed guns like the MP5SD have ports in the barrel to keep the round subsonic but that is a function of the firearm's design.

Originally Posted by peetzakilla
Hunting with a suppressor is not primarily about not scaring game, it's about "noise pollution".If your intent is to try not to spook game, subsonic ammo might be necessary but that's the only reason.
The gentleman from New York nailed it!

And all my ranting aside, last I spoke to a wildlife officer, it is not legal in Ohio to hunt even pest animals with a suppressed weapon.
"9mm has a very long history of being a pointy little bullet moving quickly" --Sevens
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