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The mini 14 are fine for coyotes as long as you stay within limits of the cartridge.

If you plan on longer ranges then you need something in the format of 2x-xxx

I have a mini with a 3x9x40. It really needs a lower powered scope, but the 3x9 works well enough and they can be bought off the shelf and are very common.

The mini needs a threaded muzzle for a flash suppress device or brake, the flash and dust kicked up can be bothersome at night.

If heavy use is expected, I would suggest a synthetic or after market stock. My wood is starting to show its battle marks. The hand grip is like shiny glass, polished by the constant contact of my hand. The forearm is dimpled from various causes, but I look at them as 'notches' chronically marking my now numerous outings.

I overall, am satisfied with the rifle.
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