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I have a H001T Frontier model (octagon barrel) in .22LR. It's five years old and about 12,000 rounds to its credit. Other than the occasional faulty ammo, the gun has never failed mechanically in any way. The action is smooth, consistent, and entirely reliable. It's also completely American made.

While I've never had to use it, Henry's customer service is said to be among the best and most responsive in the industry, with the owner of the company handling many of the customer service issues himself.

They are also the only company that I've seen that has TV commercials, and I'm not talking about just the hunting or sports channels.

The only people that don't seem to like the Henry .22 are Marlin owners that keep insisting that the painted allow receiver cover is a sign of unreliability and an assumed lack of longevity. I guess we'll have to wait and see if that's true since their .22 rifle has only been sold since about 1993. I have never heard of a Henry that didn't work that Henry wouldn't fix or replace.
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