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If the average weight of a elk is about 2x that of an average grizzly bear why do you need a larger caliber for the bear?
Because an Elk won't attack and eat you.
would not bet the house on elk not attacking, deer can and do attack from time to time. true they won't eat you the way a grizzly will but they too can kill.
Man, I would NEVER go after a grizzly with a .308 or 7mm-08 or anything in that size. I've read story's where guides have emptied a .300 Win Mag into them and they didn't stop
I've read stories where they have been killed by bow and arrow.

The grzze's vitals are more protected it has more fur and fat where it needs to be.
True but what about the projectile choice is or would that be more important?
Shoot the Griz I'n the head.
pretty hard head so again wouldn't the projectile choice be critical?

would anyone here do it with a handgun/handcannon?

my point is that this is more about what each considers acceptable risk more than caliber.
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