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Twice as a LEO in South Arkansas. Both time involved clearing unlocked churches with suspicious vehicles parked in hidden locations.

The first church was empty. The second was kind of funny in retrospect.

We entered with the classic I went (first) left and partner went right. I hit a wall and was sillouted against the light. End result the paster was trying to finish his sermon and had parked his truck in the back so his parishners would not disturb him.

I had one incident were two thugs tryed to goad me into a fight at a convience store. Finally, I had had enough and told the clerk to call 911 and tell the operator that "chuckles husband", my wife was a dispatcher/Secratary for the PD, was about to get into a fight and they needed to send an ambulance. AR did not have a carry law at the time so I was unarmed.

They did follow me home. I entered my house picked up my Raid Jacket and trusty 1911 went back outside and they quickly vacated the area.

Had the privilige of picking up the instigator a couple of weeks later for Drug, firearms and burglary. He spent a good deal of time in Cummings Prison.
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