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i had a girlfriend once that used to screw around on me, and one of her hundred thousand boyfriends came to a party i was at with my bodies and asked me to come out to my car over the phone. i went out the back door and came around the back way to my car out the alley way. when i rounded the corner him and 3 of his buddies were sitting on the hood of my car facing towards the house. my old 16 gauge pump was in the trunk. i didn't say a word and began to creep up and unlock my trunk. they immediately heard me and turned around and began to threaten me. by this time i had opened the trunk and had a hand on my loaded shotgun. i just told them to leave and that they didn't want to see what i was about to get out. they believed me and i haven't seen them since. didn't even have to get the gun out.
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