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It’s a one gun indoor league I think its referred to as a gallery shoot all targets at 75’ 10 slow 10 timed & 10 rapid I shot once on the same type of bulls eye league 20 years ago But will be the wife’s first time
Forgot everything but the basics I do reload but bought 500 230 gr lrn right after joining it didn’t even sink in that I should have bought swc until I was at the range the next day but will use them up eventually who knows maybe they will be the most accurate just suck to score
Don’t think I would be allowed to put an aiming mark on the target and the season may be halfway over before I get the right bullet & powder to line up with my iron sights so the more I thought about it I’m also going with a red dot + I shoot a lot better with one
Mounts for both guns $80 just need one more red dot unless that bsa I already have will work but I just think of the old adage you get what you pay for but have been surprised more than once where the cheap crap was better than the expensive good stuff
And have 7 different types to test through the 22
Her gun is used but looks like its never been fired would any polishing help for a buckmark trigger or just lube it up good
Didn’t think the compensator was needed but I saw them going from $20 to $75 and if the cheap ones don’t hurt accuracy thought would be a cool addition thought about this one only $42
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