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Advice wanted on getting ready for a bulls eye league

Starts in a week so don’t have much time to get the guns ready
The wife thought it would be fun so she also signed up
She bought a 22 Browning Buckmark udx (slab side)
I will be using my 45 Springfield 1911 mil spec (fixed sights)
I’m not employed atm so want to get them set up as cheaply as possible
Would like to have them set up for about $200 but with good stuff not waste money on junk we would need to upgrade
I grouped ok with 230 FMJ and some old 230 lrn reloads but only round that was really centered was some 230 hp that are too expensive too consider
What do you think try and load a round that I can hit in the bull or get a scope ?
My wife will be going with a red dot
I already have a 1”ultradot that I bought with the Springfield 20 years ago (been on a sks for the last 18)
And just bought a cheap bsa 32mm red dot to put on a 22 rifle for plinking would it be worth considering using it? or just a bad idea?
Also been thinking about getting a compensator for the 45
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