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If you never shot a hog before you'll need to study their anatomy a little as they are different than deers.

If you shoot a hog on same spot as you would a deer you'll loose him... it will kill the hog eventually but he is going to go long distance before he runs out of steam. Hogs heart is much further forward and lower in the chest than deer. Also, their lungs sit much lower in the chest than deers as hogs lungs are not that big. Neck shot is very effective on hogs and it is a large target. I usually don't take head shots unless I'm very close and when I do I usually shoot behind or just below the ear or on top of the head between two ears.

You hear a lot about hogs shield and how it can stop 30-06 bullets but that's just stories. They do have cartilage shield but is is cartilage and not steel. Any cartridge with decent power will penetrate the shield.

I usually use my Marlin 30-30 for hogs or the Ruger 357 Mag revolver. In past I have successfully use 45ACP, 44 Special and 44 Mag in handguns and several rifles ostarting at 357 Mag and up to 30-06 and 12G slugs.
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