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If they were already pressured in some way, they may be on a higher alert level.

In my experience and neck of the woods, when they get pressured, they go completely nocturnal. They stick to the swamps and thick brush during the daylight hours where its difficult to get to them without dogs.

We saw very few hogs during daylight hours during deer season this year as compared to others. Now that the daily pressure is off, we've changed feeder schedules in hopes that the more limited food supply will create competition and get them moving more in daylight.

Funny thing is, I set up a feeder on a high spot on the edge of a swamp uner a climbing stand. Normally deer are weary of those things around our permanent stands and hardly ever visit them during shootable hours and take months for them to get use to. However, this one is geting hammered by the deer so much so that the hogs are coming in to clean up what the deer don't eat. Lots of times you'd see 16-20 hogs on a spot like this, now you see 20 or so deer before the hogs ever get there. Needless to say, the climber will be there next deer season.
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