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I found Federal 525 bulk ammo (36gr hollow-point), that can be gotten for $15.00 when on sale, work well for me. My Marlin 795 shoots 1/2" minute of squirrel at 50yds. This comes after testing several different ammos in the months since purchased. The guys are right, .22s like someammo and hate others. Testing is a must.

As an aside, I shot a squirrel a little farther back this year. The broadside shot struck the critter a little farther back than I wanted. The Golden BB struck the left shoulder and darn near blew the right leg off on the way out. That is clearly enough horsepower for me.

BTW- I love my Marlin 795. I got it a couple years ago and it is very accurate right out of the box. Most accurate .22 i've ever shot. I have heard however. that since Reminton ****** in the pond the quality control has been iffy.
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