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The rest of my season..........

I only posted the 9 point I shot on opening day of gun season, but thought I'd share the other 4 (not nearly as big..........)

Shot this cowhorn opening day of muzzleloader season at about 25 yds. CVA Optima with a 245 Gr. Powerbelt over 100 gr. of 777 pellets. Wasn't happy with the bullet (didn't exit) so I'll be changing bullets for next year. I had been using SST's but couldn't find any locally this year. Will order them if I have to........

Run, run, bang, flop. Shot this one at a full run across a field. 75 yard shot at the base of the neck. She rolled in her tracks, but she was small...........
Ruger M77MKII "boat paddle" .308 Win.

Bang, head shot..........Shot this one in the back of the head at 30 yds with another Ruger M77MKII "boat paddle" in .30-06. DRT.

And last but not least, this one with the shotgun. December 30th. Almost the end of our season. 12 ga. 3" Winchester 00 buckshot at 10 feet. Yes feet. Shot her off a man drive and I think I could have claimed self defense.

Note the size of the pattern............(if you can call one big hole a pattern).

My son pulled the shot cup out of the wound..........
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