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In my experience, coyotes will abandone a den not long after the pups are born and can venture out.
After they breed they will start to get they old den, if still available, ready for this years pups. But the majority of the year they will not utilize the den & just bed down for naps.
Now they will tend to have a bedding area they like, but I have come accross bedded coyotes in some tall grass in the middle of pastures at 10am.

I think that even if they are bedded or in a den, if they hear the call they are very likely to respond. They have a hard time turning down a meal.
I had one regurgitate an almost complete rabbit when I shot it and it was coming to get more!

But, another thing I have learned is that when dealing with coyotes there is no ALWAYS! They do what they do when they want to do it!

Everybody has given you some great advice, take it all in and use it to help get going in the right direction. See what works for you in your area and make it happen!
Good luck!
~ "JJ"

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