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Originally Posted by sneaesle
So far it looks like the .243 is leading, which I kind of expected.

I got a PM to consider the .260Rem and it looks like a solid choice, but I'm not sure the availability is there.

After that it looks like 7mm-08 would be my fall back plan, then onto .270 and .308. 30-30 will be an option if I come across a nice lever at a nice price.

That sound like a plan?
Though any of the above will be a great rifle, I'd look strongly at the .270 and the .308 as having the most versatility. Though I dearly love my .270, the .308 is a bit more versatile in commercially available loads, and has the advantage of being a short action, together with the availability of surplus govt. ammo.
Just remember, when you pull the trigger, the bullets come out going very, very fast. So make sure to keep the weapon pointing away from you.
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