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Aw Paul don't apologize you did nothing wrong! I LIVE confustigated! I did get out my Lyman and RCBS book last nite and look em over during a bout of sleeplessness. My RCBS book is dated 1986 like Quantrill's. My Lyman cast bullet handbook is later and it does not give rifle powders, just the fast burning powders. My Lyman reloading book is ancient lol. and all it has is fast burning powders, for the cast bullets. Now I do NOT advocate this for the unexperienced loader but, it is possible to take a starting load of rifle powder (NOT really slow powders but rather powders such as 3031 4095 etc.) and reduce that starting load SLIGHTLY, it is around 2000 to 2200 fps that can be used for cast loads if they are cast hard and gaschecked.
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