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Mr. Noir

I like the idea of the WAC, I already looked into it and was going to go. I'm not getting the Carbon, I'm getting the:

You see the price, all metal mil spec gun with 2 30rnd mag's. Mr. 145 suggested this one and it was in my budget. I feel much better about this one (I put it on Layaway today) because it's made better than the Carbon, and only wieghs 1.6 lbs more. it does NOT come with sights or optics. I am going to get a cheap set of pop up sights from cheaperthandirt while I save for a Red Dot the 145 also suggested in my price range. I would go to that, I want to become a member, I have a CWP and I know it only costs 35 bucks, but this weekend is no good because I'm broke now, except money to live on, and I have my daughter this weekend. I know they have more shows coming up in Monroe and Puyallup, I'm sure I will become a member. it's good for 12 months once you pay the 35 bucks, show ID, and concealed carry permit. I didn't know Sam's was closing down! I bought a RIA M1911A1 there a year ago and have been there shooting a few times. I go to Norpoint, it's only 6 miles away from my place. anyway. thank you so much for your contribution, I am learning more and more each day!
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