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getting rid of the shakes

All my life I've had issues with freehand shooting and the shakes(more of a constant slow sway,up,down,right,left).I stayed away from handgun shooting for this reason,but I like handguns and am just starting pistol league locally(bullseye type) but am having serious problems with shaking .It isn't a "nervous"or"competition induced" shake,it is simply a problem with holding my arms out ,with no support,and staying still.Is there any sort of excersize or technic that can be used to steady my arms better?

I just shot tonight and with ten practice shots,with just my right elbow sitting on a rest,(still not perfectly steady)I got a 4inch group with half in the x-ring. I took my elbow off the rest and shot the normal position and in twenty shots not one even hit the center and many didn't even hit the paperThey were basicaly scattered,not even off in a general direction.

This summer and fall I went through about 3000 rounds in my pistols to try to get things smoothened out but so far nothing has stopped these dang shakes.
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