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I ended the regular season with two does and two small bucks - a 5 pointer that I thought was an 8 (4 and 1 - weird rack) and a 3 pointer that I thought was a doe. I also saw the largest deer I've ever seen in Virginia multiple times. I've kept both does, donated the bucks to Hunters for the Hungry.

I actually saw him staring at me with the glow of the rising sun behind him as I walked out of my car on the opening morning of Muzzleloader season. Didn't see him again till the Friday before Christmas when he walked out with 8 minutes of shooting light and proceeded to hang out in front of a John Deer Combine.

Saw him just at last night the last two days as well, but both times he snuck in behind the farmers cattle. Interestingly, he never showed up on any of my game cams.

Antlerless season goes on another 10 weeks in Northern Virginia though. Plan on taking at least 8 more does (I'll keep one and donated the rest to Hunters for Hungry)
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