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If you reasonably feel that your life could be in danger from threat of an attack, then either 1) get ready to draw your gun from concealment or 2) draw your gun from concealment and have it ready to fire. The circumstances, distances, number of potential attackers, etc. will dictate which action to take.

It's really not that complex.

I was at a gas station last night pumping gas. Its in an area known to for the occasional hold-up (not a real bad area of town, but stuff happens there). I get gas there from time to time and have seen "hinkey" people hanging around. Several guys on motorcycles (I have nothing against motorcycles, I've got one) pull up. I'm standing at the pump, just observing them, all the while my hand is in my pocket resting on the butt of my LC9 while I'm waiting for my tank to fill up. I'm just standing there, so I run some scenarios through my mind - just good practice to do this. As usual, nothing happens and my gun remains concealed. But, I know in my mind that I was prepared if something were to happen.

For me, being prepared for a potential attack is a way of thinking. It's like playing chess: what moves can your potential attacker make; how can you counter; what will be the possible reactions; what are your options; what outcome do you want? In the game of life, I'll go for a stalemate every time.
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