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Recipes, as requested

Cast is the Lee TL312-1602R, and mine drops a little heavy, finishing at 173gr. with straight WW after GC and lube. Lube is either LLA or 45-45-10.

Target loads use Red Dot. The common ground for it is 13gr. I started there and ran the ladder a ways--groups started opening up. SO, I went the other way and slowed it down. It settled in really tight at 10gr. Red Dot. You don't need speed to kill paper

Hunting on the other hand, needs a little more "oomph". Slower powder worked really nice to settle things down in the flyer dept. while keeping velocities higher. 25gr. IMR4895 fit the bill.

For Jacketed I have 147gr pulled steel cores (bought 1000 of them for a steal--pun intended). I weigh and group them in .4gr increments. The bulk of them rest right at about 146.8 to 147.6, so all pretty close. All same-weight over the top of 46gr. H380 put a frighteningly tight group on record at 200yds last fall---3/4" 3-shot group.

For the record, mine carries a 4x Swift LER scope.
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