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Just a personal decision, . . . since I am 67, have some physical limitations, and really don't plan on being someone elses victim, . . . I would probably be a bit more prone to go for my 1911 than many others.

Any perceived life/death threat or approaching scenario wherein I see it unfolding, . . . my 1911 is coming out of it's holster, . . . that is why I carry it.

When I do, it will be done by turning so it is away from the threat, . . . and may never be seen by the other person. There are any number of scenarios I can envision where I would have the weapon out, . . . and nothing happen other than my putting it away.

I made my mind up early in this that if necessary, . . . I'd much rather be charged with a "brandishing" charge, . . . than visit my local undertaker. That is MY decision, however, . . . and may very well not be good for everyone.

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