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Xring, that is possibly the nicest No5 I have seen. I would rate it a few points higher than my No5. I have a few scratches on the bottom of the mag and bolt handle. Mine is a 3/47 Faz build.

Originally Posted by BlueTrain
The electric pencil markings are suspect. Not that electric pencil markings are not to be found on issue British rifles, because I had one with such markings.
Faz used the EP marking on all the No5's they made.

Here's a interesting stock repair on a well used No5.

Originally Posted by Ignition Override
Some Enfield #4s also have a hollow bolt handle (do they match?), and if converted to an imitation "Jungle", could still have such bolts.
The No4 hollow bolt handles are fairly common, about a third of my collection has the hollow handles and they are number matched. Faz, BSA and Maltby. The "hole" on the No4 handles is smaller than the "hole" on No5 handles. Two different size holes on the No4's also.
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