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hoff, You basically said exactly what I have said for 5 years... well more like 7+ but time has sped by since gettin' on the stinky end of swine while my dogs manage the sharp end...

I have a little local grocer that sells "large name brand" packed pork but from the smaller kill houses legal to pack under their name....

It is no feral swine small sow but it is as close as a retail buyer could come to feral pork.

The "ChinaMart" pork and Win-Dixie pork both smell and taste of NOTHIN'... I mean sanitary sterile NOTHIN'!!!

If I serve you a tenderloin steak from feral BOAR or from barnyard swine (the BIG LOIN)... If you prefer steamed napkin well done, you might say the China-Mart pork steak will satisfy...

If you like FLAVOR... BIG DEEP COMPLEX flavor, you will pick the loin steak from a 250# BOAR or a 120# sow o' da' woods but you won't like the bland "WHITE TIRE" flavor of the high production pork kill houses...

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