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Laws of purchasing handguns..

Hey everyone,

So I am pretty new to handguns, and to the rules about purchasing and all of that stuff. My roommate (we are currently in school in Seattle Washington) is a resident of Oregon. So, this means he cannot purchase a gun in the state of Washington, is that correct?

Well, anyway, long story short, he found a CZ 85 he has been wanting for a very long time at the local gun shop, for a reasonable deal. However, he cannot buy it himself from the shop, as far as I know. Now, he asked me a question that I truly don't know the answer to, but he is fairly certain it is okay. He wants one of our friends (who are WA state residents) to buy the handgun for him, then to a person to person purchase transfer type thing. He is under the assumption that that is okay, but I am not thinking so. He says "how do they even know I am not a WA state resident? My drivers licence or something?" I just don't really have the answers, and would like you guys to help me with info so that I can explain to him why this is a very bad idea...thank you all in advance for your help.
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