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you know it swamp Yankee

when I confronted him on the phone about why he did not tell me that the Pro Ordinance model was riddled with deffects he said he had fixed, only after I asked, and when I asked him why he didn't tell me at the time that he knew he spent $400.00 than it was worth? his answer, " I figured you would do your own research and find out about the rifle, and then come to me with questions." I asked him (because he insisted he did not lie about anything about the gun, like paying $120.00 for 5 old magazines, one 10 round, 2 20 round, and I think a 30 round magazine) that buy withholding the truth about you paying too much for the rifle and NOT tellng me and expecting me to find out on my own, is the SAME AS LYING! He didn't understand this concept and I just let it go from there. anyway, I have a question for the gang here, I am going to purchase that Bushmaster that you guys (one of you for sure) told me about from Bud's. I actually paid the membership to get the deal, since I will probably be buying more accessories from them. On the Bushmaster Carbon 15, can you switch upper recievers of different sorts? not so much calliber, but, barrel length and quality? and also, what is the forward assist? I think it is for when a round may not chamber all the way and you can press that to get the rest of it in there. anyway, you guys have saved me money and I appreciate all of the assistance. Oh, and I found a Magazine deal on buds: 3, 30 round mags for 27.00. not 5 old magazines for $120.dollars.!!!
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