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I have equipment similar to Rembrant. I like the Bradley smoker, I run 3. I make summer sausage, my private recipe for soft salami, smoked breakfast links(without casings), jerky and slim jims. We have a walkin cooler at the ranch I built. 2x8 floor insulated, 2x6 walls and ceiling insulated, vinyl floor and walls, insulated metal door, 8' wide x 12' long. Has a drop in cooler unit on top purchased for that purpose. Has a barn door track upside down with eyebolts every 18" for the meat hooks and suspended on cables with a pulley system and crank winch located on the outside. Works great, 36 degrees regardless of outside temp. Not expensive , I think about $20 a week, can't remember for sure.

Check Northern Tool for game processing equipment. They have some stuff that looks cheaper than Cabelas etc for comparable quality. Best savings are on their stuffers. Once you have a hand crank gear driven stuffer you will never want to use the grinder attachment again.

I like to butcher young 120# female feral hogs, grind the meat, pack it in vacuum bags flat (not more than 2" thick so it thaws fast) and freeze it until I need it to mix with venison for sausage. The meat of the young females smells better than the tame pork when you open those vacuum bags for the grocery store or Costco.
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