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I'll work more with the alloys and heat-treating, John. Never even did a hardness test, ran out of time. I've heard the same about brittle [bullets] so will work towards softer [bullets]. May HT some stick-on alloy and work down from there. 20-1 didn't seem to work but it's worth another try. RD [bullets] seem to like hard alloy and high speed, not sure why. I'm considering lapping out a 405 gr .458 gr PB Lyman mould to .460 and working with it a bit more. I honestly don't know how to tweak it from here so will focus on my 32 Spcl for now, then the 35 Rem. After I get them shooting better I'll hopefully have a better idea how to proceed.
I've learned CB shooting and hunting introduces a whole new set of variables to the loading game. I'm just getting started and yes, pretty tickled about bagging a deer with one on my first trip out with it.
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