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I have eaten many rabbit cotton tail and only one jack rabbit as it was tough as tacks. My gramma used to say if I shoot it I had to eat it which we did for the most part till one day I shot a skunk, that ended that. Thats been 50 plus years ago.
I also remember some years back I lived in So. Dak. and the jack rabbits were at their 7 year high cycle. It was unreal how many rabbits there were. The farmers/ranchers were loosing crops/trees(shelter belts) to rabbits. I remember driving into a farmers yard and asking if he had a rabbit problem. He looked at us and said the snow is to deep to drive back there with your Scout I'll get the tractor and give you a ride. The 2nd thing he asked was how many shells ya got. Our answer was about 100 rds each, his comment was well thats a start. I recall riding down that shelter belt with a picked corn field on one side, a pasture one other and seeing hundreds of rabbits. Well we shot for about an hour and ran out of ammo walked back to the farm and was asked how we did. We had shot probably 75 to 100 rabbits, and the farmers comment was well thats a lot better then the last guys that were here. We had several calls from other farmers in that area asking us to trim down the their rabbit population which we did. We even had one guy offer to buy our ammo if we would just come out an shoot rabbits. I can see why Australia is concerned about their rabbit problem if they are as bad as S.D.
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