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So what if a NJ trooper knows you have a TX permit (he shouldn't though). Where is the cause for a trunk search? How does an item in said trunk even come into officer safety?

If a NJ trooper finds a gun for anyone from another state in a trunk how do you think it will go over even if volunteered? Read the OP.

On subjects like this I am very Us vs Them with Them being the State. I am that way because it has been proven right time and again

I am under no oath during a stop and unless carrying under a permit with a requirement to disclose then I do not have to. In my own state, clearly within the law I have no problem disclosing. Especially carrying. In another state, unloaded and packed away, no threat to anyone and no legal compunction to disclose? Nope. To many politicians looking to hammer on gun owners and LEOs helping them. I remember the footage from Katrina and how US citizens were zip tied on their front lawns while LEOs held them at gunpoint, stealing lawful arms which to this day have not been returned. History is on my side here.
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