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If the LEO asks if you have any--probably his background check already revealed something about firearms would be my guess--though I don't know how widely that info is shared between states.
I don't know of any state that attaches that information to a driver's license. In some states, if you have a carry permit, that information comes up in a license check in that state, but the information is not reported to any federal agency.

As far as simply owning guns...that wouldn't come up.

"Do you have any drugs or weapons in the vehicle" is a common question at traffic stops. If you're asked that, it doesn't mean you're suspected of something. The question is designed to provoke a response.

If a law-abiding person gets pulled over, and the officer asks that question, the reaction is normal. If someone's hiding something, they'll flinch, start looking around the cabin (usually right at whatever they're hiding), or they'll get nervous and start stammering. That's a cue to the officer to dig a bit deeper.
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