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Ron V.,
Yep. Pro is right off the Second Street exit of Rt 8 going South. If you go past the 2nd St. exit heading South you can see them from the freeway right next to the car dealership. Their range is excellent, since it's almost brand new.

RE: The Medina show: The aisles are way too narrow there and that bldg. is getting too small to support the crowd ever since Berea closed.

The range at Tusco really looks impressive! I'm going to have to look into a membership there. I love the Dover/New Philly area. It seems like an island of normalcy. Really decent folks down there, almost like an entirely different State. I had to spend some time there last fall before the election, and bragged about how I was an hour's drive away from the nearest Gore-Lieberman yard sign when I called into the shop.

Movin on up to CRKT . Next thing we know you'll be lookin at Benchmades or Microtech.
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