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Originally Posted by Sparks1957
Vermont has no castle doctrine laws, since it is a constitutional carry state. The law around the use of deadly force is a bit vague, and the courts are quite free to interpret it.
Constitutional carry has NOTHING to do with castle doctrine. Castle doctrine is the principle that a person is allowed to defend his home in whatever way he/she deems appropriate. Whether or not VT requires a permit to carry a firearm outside of the home has nothing to do with whether or not VT has or does not have castle doctrine in its state statutes.

And a convenience store clerk wrestling with a store robber also has nothing do do with castle doctrine, because a commercial enterprise is not a private home.

Lastly, as has already been pointed out, the circumstances as reported do not indicate that the clerk even used deadly force. The robber did -- she was armed with a deadly weapon (unless VT doesn't consider a knife to be a deadly weapon), but the clerk didn't. He just went mano a mano, so unless he's a multi-degree black belt he was using force, but not deadly force.
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