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I have similar hand problems, and my solution was a "hybrid" so to speak.

I use a Lee 1000 for case prep (size, deprime, flare prime), then I use my Lee Classic Turret for the rest of the process.

I found the small motor actions of handling the brass a lot was becoming problematic during the times when my hands are acting up. This method drastically reduces the amount of brass handling I do. However, it allows me the precision of a manual powder charge process and bullet seating/crimp. I can prep a bin full of cases and finish the process whenever I want.

This has managed to increase my output without any sacrifice of quality on the charging and seating processes -- the parts of the reload cycle that I like to do manually and monitor closely. At the same time, I've experienced a *significant* decrease in hand problems caused by reloading.

I *have* run the Lee 1000 in full progressive -- mostly as an experiment. it worked and produced good ammo, but I'm not going to use it that way very often. It reminds me just a little too much of a Wile-E-Coyote machine for me to be really comfortable with it.

Were I to go fully progressive, I could certainly look at a Dillon 650 or an Hornady LNL-AP. Both are fine machines.
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