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When is a gun not a gun?

I am sure this topic has been discussed somewhere but not that I can find. I had a friend that is a contractor who travels a lot pass thru New Jersey. He has a cc permit from PA. He was stopped for a taillight out and the Officer asked if he had any weapons in his car. He told them he did. It was packed away in the trunk in his backpack. He forgot it was there until the officer asked. To make a long story short, he was in for a world of trouble. He had to go to court. He was able to plea down the felony he was charged with and lost his Kimber, had to pay for a lawyer and a very high fine. I guess he was lucky he ever got out of the state! Here is my question- What if the pistol was fully taken apart? What if was locked in a portable safe? I want to travel from PA to Texas and take one of my pistols for self defense down in Texas. Some states recognize my PA cc permit and some don't. How can I do this? I will be in Texas for some time. Can I ship any part of the broken down pistol to Texas and carry the rest? When is a gun not considered a gun? If I only have part of it with me or when it is fully broken down and stored in the trunk?
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