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One more most here know, I do love to tinker and invent, but making up for mediocre QC is not fun. QC is a major factor that makes for happy campers and disgruntled discontents with any brand
Ain't it the truth.

As a locksmith tinkering and inventing is pretty much what I do, especially on antique furniture where I have to handcraft parts for locks that have been previously handcrafted and out of existence for decades.

Mistakes/things happen, I can accept and work with that.

But 100% of the issues experienced with the LNL is QC related.

The problems are not isolated issues, you can chase down all the fixes doing Bing searches.

Again I love the press when it works, once you get the issues worked out it will be a reliable press that pumps out accurate ammo. Just be prepared to do some buffing, polishing and some internet searches for mods and fixes.
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