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Were you on one stand that long?

Yes. I have one chunk of land to hunt in right now.(new to this thing) and have no idea where alse to go. I have a very good view from up there. I can see over 1 mile all directions other than the woods behind me. Very Beautiful place.

I do have a hot seat almost like the one pictured but if i sit in that tall grass it really restricts my view. I guess im just learning the ropes right now. I am as Green as they come as far as this goes. I can shoot off a shooting stick,tree branch ect ect,but im still just standing there. I know it's a patiance game for sure. I just thought a small bench set up would be the way to go. I can drive all the way to about 20 feet from where i need to walk through a tree line to pop out the other side,so a 35 lb bench is not a big deal.
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