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Personally like i said I'm a reloader, check my 700 posts like 670 maybe on the reloading forums but i personally would go with a 223. I have two right now i also have a 22-250 i just bought from a friend it's never been fired. He paid like $850.00 it's a Tikka t-3 stainless varmit and i paid him $250.00. I have plenty other calibers and i only reload and know what is cheap to shoot and what performs. I shoot about 3-4 days a week on my range at the house or hunting. I just got home earlier coyote hunting about 3 miles from here. At my friends house. I took a 30-06. I shoot them and leave them myself and i shoot tons of Hornadys SSTs, XTPs, SP SX and full metal jackets but coyotes aren't tough so I'd recommend a FMJ and almost always head shoot and body would make a tiny hole and reloaded ammo i could probably load for like $4.00 for 50 rounds. Buy bulk and save alot and brass probably can get 15 to 20 reloads on each case before they wear out and you can find tons of 223's at range. See how much 22-250 or 220 swift or else you can find. I found about 5 22-250 brass about a month ago at our range I'n Buffalo and found thousands of 223's last year. They're plentiful and cheap for everyone to shoot that's why brass is everywhere.
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