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Ohio has a nice bow season. Runs from Sept 24th to Feb 5th this year. Unfortunately we get the short end of the stick on the rest of the seasons. Guns are shotgun/pistol only and went from Nov 28th to dec4th and then dec 17th and 18th. Muzzle loader runs from jan 7th to 10th.

I've only been at it seriously for a couple years but my experience is that the rut is really strong and the deer are really dumb in early to mid november, thats when I saw all the big bucks out. By the time gun season finally hits they are more wary and the hunting pressure is so high for that week that they hardly move. When muzzle loader season comes around they are banded together and moving mostly at night. I think ohio would have a much better harvest if they made gun season run at least 2 weeks and start in mid november. The length of bow season is great but I hunt a small tract of mainly open ground so its hard to get a shot and there is a high likleyhood of them crossing property lines. I guess I filled 2 tags though so I can't complain too much.
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