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It would be incredibly foolish to walk into a business masked. I don't care if you're in Nome, Alaska. I'm going to react badly if I'm in there when someone does that. I hope that most other CCW holders would too. Not as in gun them down on the spot, but I might draw my weapon, almost certainly if it's more than one person.
Covered faces in the winter time is pretty standard when it is really cold. Fortunately, CCW aren't drawing their guns every time a person enters a business with a cover face during the winter time. That would be silly.

Nome Alaska? Let's see, Monday's weather has a high of -20 F going to a low of -26 F with windchills of -24 to -35. Exposed skin may freeze literally in minutes at those temps and chills. People are not apt to spend much time outside to uncover their faces before entering businesses.

There are some things you just don't do, and that's one.
And yet people do it routinely during the winter time and without a second thought.
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