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Ron Paul is a strict Constitutionalist. And if it reads "shall not be infringed", that just about settles it.
Actually, Paul was anything but supportive of McDonald v. Chicago. He's otherwise strong on the 2A, but I wasn't very happy about that.

As others have said, the President has little influence over the legislature. That's not to say he can't do anything (MTT TL's post is an excellent illustration of this), but if we're to advance gun rights, we need to pay more attention to the legislature than the executive branch.

And yes, that means getting people to the polls in local and midterm elections. That means people need to be taught to pay attention and make the right choices on all the other boxes on the ballot, not just the big red and blue ones at the very top.

We're going to have discussions on the potential effects of the upcoming election on the 2nd Amendment. As the field narrows and November looms closer, we'll have a lot of those. The trick is to keep from venturing into pure politics. It's a fine line, but I think we can keep it clear.
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