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Seems more a civics lesson for the uniformed instead of politics so:

- Executive leader of federal law enforcement and criminal prosecution. As such frequently suspends law (all of them do this) that he disagrees with. Issues executive orders that clarify law even when the order is unconstitutional.

- Veto/ signs legislation. Various forms of veto power.

- Appoints supreme court judges (as needed) whom can change or strike laws if deemed unconstitutional according to their personal beliefs as interpreted through the legal system.

- Proposes a budget. This budget has never passed congress "as is" to my knowledge.

- Interprets the budget as he sees fit once it is passed. Nearly always overspends everywhere. Defunds, or attempts to defund programs he does not like.

- Has huge input into legal US Code through the DOJ and various other ways.

So what would happen if we had another president?
More of the same of what we have now. No electable person has anything different about "gun control" than the current leadership. No major legislation has passed. No major regulation tightening. Nothing except a little loosening has taken place in the last three years. It is a non-issue to most voters and because of that a non-issue to most pols.

The sky did not fall when the last pres was elected. It won't be all sunshine and milk and honey if someone else is elected.
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