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Why is my AC 556 jamming?

Why is my AC 556 jamming?

The gun is just back from Ruger for service. They "repaired bolt" which was explained to me on the phone as cleaning, deburring and replacing parts including the ejector or ejector spring (I think? I couldn't talk to the tech, so this was a translation of sorts.). It jammed about 10 rounds into firing clean and lubed. I fire only brass ammo. Various brands and types, (.223 and 5.56), only Ruger brand magazines.

Below are some images of what some of these jams look like. As you can see, this is on both sides as bullets feed from the magazine.

I am relatively new to firearms, but I am a bicycle mechanic by trade, so the function of small parts is something in which I am well versed. For the life of me I cannot reproduce this manually or see any obvious issues.

Any help is appreciated. I posted this a while ago, but my solution really did not fix the issue.

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