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Dillon is The Bomb

I currently have a Lee Classic Turret press which I am happy with. However, I seem to be developing tendinitis in my wrist which I think is caused by pushing the handle of the press so much along with shooting. For this reason, I am thinking of switching to a progressive press or something that would not require me to put so much pressure on my wrist. If I switch, it would probably be to a Dillon.

How does a progressive press work? Would it keep me from pressuring my wrist so much and which Dillon would you suggest?
Good choose.

As to how they work, it depends on which model you get.

550B: each time you cycle the handle AND manually advance the shellholder star, you get a round of ammo.

650: each time you cycle the handle, you get a round of loaded ammo.

The only other action needed by you is with either press is to manually insert a casing and a bullet.

Each press has its strengths and weaknesses, to include cost and cost of caliber changes. Do a search here and on other sites and you will get that info. Do a search on YouTube and you will see the presses in operation. I have a 550 and had a 650.
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