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I have been using a Hornady LNL for 4 years now. I never had a major problem. Both have some features that are slightly better than the other brand but in my opinion the LNL is superior to the Dillon. I have used both and would have no reason to change.
Sigh. I think it's all a matter of perspective gained by loading style, personal experience with a particular serial # (not brand), accented with gobs of personal preference.

Mine goes like this: I have been using an RCBS Pro 2000 for 3 1/2 years now. I've never had any problems. All three presses have some features that are slightly better than the other brand, but IMO the Pro 2000 is superior to the Dillon or the Hornady. I have used all three and have no desire to switch to either of the other two.

Does that help?

One more most here know, I do love to tinker and invent, but making up for mediocre QC is not fun. QC is a major factor that makes for happy campers and disgruntled discontents with any brand....which is why I added "serial #" above.

While RCBS (nor Dillon, nor Hornady) does not make a perfect machine, I like the way it is iron heavy and strong, yet simple in mechanism enough to work every time. A need to resync or tweak is not something I have ever had to do.
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