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For the story listed here - I'm not sure if WJAC is slanting it or the police are, but there does seem to be an approval that the homeowner put a round into the ground and not the burglar.

Another thing that I objected to though was their characterization that:
he took matters into his own hands, pulling out his gun and firing two shots to scare off the burglar.
The insinuation was that a citizen was somehow fed up with law enforcement's inabiltiy to stop a rash of home robberies so he decided to take matters into his own hands and do it himself. And that's not what happened. The homeowner interupted a burglar in the act and drew his firearm and fired a warning shot. If the homeowner was really a vigilante intent on ending the theif's criminal career, he would have gone into the house and confronted the burglar, held him at gun point or just shot him.
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