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Leupold or Nikon Scope?

I've got a friend who is offering me his Leupold Vari-X II scope. We've not worked out a price yet, but it is a nice used scope with a few dings, not terrible. I have been looking at some scopes lately and I'm just trying to figure out which way (depending on what price we agree on) I should go in choosing a new scope for my baby.

The Nikon Prostaff 4-12 mil-dot is $180 through Midway. It's a new scope and has some of the newer geegaws like Mil-dot sight and such. Here's a link.

The Leupold is a 3-9, which will work fine and, has a great warranty from what I hear. Problem is, I compare numbers and factoids on websites but they're just numbers as I don't have a lot of reference as to what those numbers MEAN. Or, ultimately what they'll mean to me on my rifle. Either one would be much better than the one that is currently on the rifle. I'm just trying to figure out a good price for the used Leupold (for both him and me) and, at what point it would be better to add a little more to the fund and go something newer, like the Nikon Prostaff.

One more thing: When I look through the Leupold, the outer edge of the view is crystal clear but the center is fuzzy. Not terrible, but not crystal clear like the outer edge. I tried adjusting the eyepiece but it hasn't changed. Is this normal? Crosshairs are nice and clear though.

Thanks for any information and guidance!
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